An Irish Lullaby

Drunk again, losing stance.
I find myself in whiskey trance.
A sip of death rolls 'cross my tongue.
Forgetful sign of what's begun.
A rise of anger inside my chest.
It shreds the pages of what I've done best.
Missing sleep from toxic hold.
My bones feel weak, my heart feels old.
Treading water, too lost to swim.
In holding pattern, my mind so dim.
Hope is lost at ocean depths.
Waves violent crash, my wounded chest.
My mind returns, an empty bar.
No sober hearts; my keys, my car.
Open door, ignition start.
I'll drive myself, it's not that far.
An Irish lullaby, inside my head.
Home so soon, tucked in bed.
No minutes notice, two cars crash.
From corner eye, blue lights flash.
Too soon to tell, what's been done.
Time stops now, I cannot run.
Unspoken words, what I've not said.
I'll pray to god, that I'm not dead.

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