An Isolated Lesson


Told to stay inside,
Told to wear a mask,
Told to isolate yourself,
This proved to be a difficult task.

I've lost some family,
I've lost some friends,
This virus has taken so much,
I just really wish it would end.

Some days are easier,
Some days are just too hard,
There are days i just wish I was underground,
Six feet underground in a graveyard.

But I've learned to smile,
I've learned to bake,
I even got a Chef Ramsay book,
And made my first cheesecake.

COVID-19 you've done so much harm,
But you've also brought so much good,
You've taught the human race,
To try not to be so rude.

Mother nature is flourishing,
Animals are coming back,
I guess quarantine isn't so bad,
So I can say thank you for that.

I've shed some laughs,
I've shed some tears,
I've shed some pounds,
More now than I have in years.

I will be grateful,
For another day above ground,
I get to see the sunshine,
Another past time I've found.

As a nation,
United and strong,
Let's finally put aside our differences,
And just smile and get along

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