An Ode to a New Life

You do not know who you are,
But these strangers do.
They've talked about your existence at parties,
And on top of roofs when asked,
"What do you want its name to be?"

The announcement was made,
But with great sorrow and pain,
Not knowing if you'll have a stable life,
Not knowing who will kiss you goodnight.

Staring into crystal blue eyes,
Makes time erase all the memory from yesterday
And begins a new chapter in the cycle of life,
While opening doors that you thought had no key.

Worry and depression fade away,
But you still do not know how wonderful you are,
Until you are in someone's loving arms.
There, you will find safety and security from all fright.

You have no worry, no care in the world,
Just that beautiful smile that freezes time
And makes the earth stand still in rotation.
That is the beauty of your new life.

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