An Ode To All The Lost Childhoods

I stand up in front of the courtroom
Getting ready to explain what happened that fateful day
A summer night
Sitting near the pool
How would I know he was just using me?
I put my fist in my mouth
I don’t want to recount that night
Shaming myself that I didn't put up a fight
Found no worth, I was going to be subdued
So lay down and take it
Then fake the reality for many years later
“Well, what were you wearing?”
“Did you give off any signals?”
The judge spits out this venom
As if rape victims are toys
Just dolls to play with
Pull our hair
Rapist think “Well, they’re not saying no”
we’re not saying yes
shocked in the moment
The memory replayed in my head
What if I had died?
So don’t you dare sit there and tell me
Boys will be boys or girls will be girls
Understand we don’t have to speak a word
For there to be no consent
So I hope you’re reminiscent of the soul you’ve taken
Because your worlds about to be deeply shaken
You can tell by my eyes
That I don’t conceive this story as a lie
So good riddance to the soul you’ve so maliciously stolen
For your freedom is now under attack
And you won’t get your life back.

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