An Ode to Greg Kelley

I want to speak up for those wrongfully imprisoned,
A problem some Texans just refuse to believe.
Maybe the District Attorney just should have listened.
Maybe the defendant isn't the one who committed criminal mischief.
Maybe the jury was led to make the wrong decision.
Maybe this is just one f***ed up system.
Tell me, what's your position?
Do you think this is justice for the victim?
Better yet, who do you believe has the right opinion?
Will an innocent man be the next one convicted?

I want to speak up for any Texan who is wrongfully in prison.
I want to talk about how the death of an innocent person is depicted.
I'm starting to think our District Attorney is truly a mortician.
In the name of justice, they say, taking the next man's life away is not unpredicted.

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