An Ode to Love

Is the Cosmos able to fathom its existence?
Are the stars able to number themselves?
Can any of these souls down under pinpoint when they had made their bed in hell?
Do the trees have ears to hear the wind’s songs?
Are the weak really a testament as to who is and isn’t strong?
Have you ever smelled a dying flower?
Used seconds to time the hours?
Have you ever dreamed of a friend that never came?
Or set the flammable to a flame?

A life.
A meaningful one.
Stains the hands of those that posses rage and hate.
-Not just a gun.
The same life that drove God to send his only son
Succeeded the battle.
Yet never won.
Beauty and truth embodied in an emotion.
The center of religion and notions.
The blood stained lips.
The power that saved lives through fingertips.
The one that deserved nothing but desire.
Lays here with me in a pit of fire.

Raging on from her souls to her head.
Love, it was cathartic to finally meet you.
In the afterlife.
-Amongst the dead.

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