An Ode To Mom

My Mom thinks God has failed my Brother Jeremy, but let me tell you something.

God is amazing, totally pure awesomeness, and a feeling not a spot in your horizon.

You have nothing, so only worry when you're praying because a trust has been summoned.

He is working, and things are turning even when you're having a hard time picturing such an envision.

We are Queens, and Dad, Jeremy, and Nesta are His Kings with or without another man or woman, so please let your world be brightened.

Did He not fulfill this promise when He helped Dad kick the loss of our family and stopped this house's bad habits with bourbon?

Remember our trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands compared to how it used to be to stay on any island?

Listen I know your can't see Him lighting up your darkness in the present because you may have felt like you've been drowning in darkness, but please believe His actions change the Earth somehow, someway, someday, always, and with Love and Grace amounting beyond billions.

Open your heart even wider than you think it really is, don't give up, raise your chin to the Sun, and look forward to the troubles His Love will be able to dampen as He gives His children new Blessings, so please allow His Grace and Love for you, Mom, to glisten.

Keep praying, if you find yourself bombarded with worries about something in almost every single second, or even just a problem you or someone you care for is going through that day, I'm asking you to go inside your head and pray, pray to God, give Him your Thanks then ask Him to simply be with us and give us strength as we go through these things because worries come to everyone, in many different ways, and there will be times when it feels like they've weighed down on you by the trillions, but that's when you put in your prayers by the zillions, worry no where else but into your thoughts to Him, open up for Blessings, and know He's in the working even if the situation worsens.

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