An Ode to the Influencer of Gallantry

Zealous Tyranny grisly voids me, only heinous cries to fill,
Altruistic thoughts among survivors, that of a lustrum to fulfill,
Regnant figures to corrupt, leaveth me to my despair,
Noting all barren Shadows of blood, pain escorts me to oblivion
Immerse within the darkest days, swords of meaning to be carved,
Doth of this is only light, though our spirits dissuade,
Our future fathers of such wisdom heed their actions of before,
Nebulous anger to object, kindred motives dually merge
Knitted scars to open me, maligned reasons to ignore.

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This Poems Story

In my final book for the first part of the Last War, there begins a numerous amount of bardic eulogies, that of which do not directly state the characters described. This is the commencement of such, and will have powerful implications as you read hereforth.