An Ode to the Man of Prophecy

Judderings of origin, hath his words been spoken forth,
Inscript the thickened pages of time, restored warranted peace has He,
Mighty blood he be sprayed upon, though defeat did not insist,
Musters of insanity, keepeth his mind within Lost Doors,
Yen the Sacred Hall of Knights, gemmy stars to blazeth no more,
Kartson Karma He unleashed, Motives of bloodlust hindered jewels-
Costly thunders of scattered showers, thus the Immoralist defiles
Spirits of life ensue the truth, hereforth poison cleanses blood,
Noweth He inscribes his Name upon these words to rescue all.

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This Poems Story

This is the Second Eulogy of the Last War, and entitles you to the reasoning behind these scriptures. For more information, read the First Eulogy, “An Ode to the Influence of Gallantry.”