An Ode to the Rose

A rose that blooms in the crisp autumn air
A rose that blooms despite the hardships
Of the cold threatening to destroy it
A rose that thrives in the face of bitter winds
A rose that triumphs over all that it faces
Triumphs over the scorching sun burning its core
A rose that survives despite things eating away at it
Hoping to overwhelm the rose
That is who my mother is, the rose
Strong and steadfast like the rose
More powerful than she’ll ever know
A symbol of love, like the rose
With arms outspread to embrace you just like the rose
embracing bees who seek out its cool, calming nectar
She’s a rose you know, she can withstand anything
From the scorching heat of someone’s misplaced anger
Or the stress that attempts to eat her away
Worries about her family, her children
They keep her up at night, seeking to overtake her
She blooms and blossoms in spite of all the pain
Of the bitter winds that have swept through her life
But it is that pain that makes the rose more beautiful
than a thousand stars, than the sun and moon
The most beautiful rose I've ever seen and ever known
It is her that gives me the strength to be my own rose
My mother, the rose that endures

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