An Old Man Pondering


An old man was sitting in a rocking chair
on the front porch of a nursing home
pondering over some things with a friend
about the way it is now, compared to way back when.

You know, during WW11, there was scary days,
everything was rationed, nothing was thrown away,
even the trash was recycled and saved.

No phones, no internet, no news, no guarantees.

No home was with out sacrifice,
there wasn't a day go by that we didn't worry,
about our loved ones coming home dead, or alive.

Serious virus's spread,
polio, measles, fever's, and such
no mask, no sanitizers,
not a single town or school was shut down.

What happened to us?

Remembered how we rallied around our flag
prayed for others and our leaders
through thick and thin
Americans were in it to win!

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