An open letter to forces that be

Once upon a night, stars aligned.
The sky was filled with scorpions that my immune system couldn't fight.
For days, I felt my breath give life to demons that my heart couldn't hide. Yet no one called me to the light. Oh but I died.

At first I died a peaceful death. The euphoric palpitations that came with prescribed medication brought me to calm meditation, maybe that should've been an indication that I would die an uncertain death of suicidal temptations.

Thoughts that I couldn't get wrapped around my head prevailed. Thoughts that maybe if I was dead that would be the true meaning of love conveyed in broken pieces of hearts that stayed. The true meaning of rest unveiled.

But I'm making it to the end of pain, these are the words I'm hoping to gain:
I'm a little stronger than you think. Fine, sometimes I'll fall harder and move closer to the brink, but between you and I, God's my strongest link.

Here's a letter to you forces that be: I don't need you to carry any baggage for me. All I need from you is faith as little as a mustard seed, master this, for it is a plea of a broken girl in need. Listen forces that be, listen because you forces are me.

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