An Open Mind at Every Time

As I seek an answer for all the worries of poor me
It seems I'm wasting time to find a way to be free
And even though as useless as we may even feel
The devil in disguise makes us think we aren't real
Keeping strong through adversity and strife
Ultimately are moments towards a great life
How we are taught as children to be so proud
And silently we keep through moments so loud
I'd truly have been one to judge had I not known
Or had life not taught me what needed be shown
Truly I would have a difference of my opinion
Listen close I give my life description
Through sad, great, joy, triumph, or awfully bad
I'm mostly thankful for time ever I just had
Because along the way I met some unforgettable
And in my instances they're far from regrettable
Souls to which I feel were my angels in disguise
Ultimately I have only Thanks for the man in the
It was never easy and surely has no meaning any other
Blessed is what "IF" I died today would be the way I
left today
It's taken me way too long to get maybe almost right
But not without a great and courageous meaningful

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