An Orchestra of Shadows

As the dawn began to die and light spread across the valley,
a solitary eagle took flight.
It's wings contorted the crisp cool morning air as it climbed into the calm blue.

Along the valley floor vermin cried out, scurrying from the eagle’s shadow.
Into their knolls & holes they dove.

A melody of frantic fear and flight plays across the day’s light.
The flurry.
The scurry.
The lofty.
The shadow.
Then, as if a conductor had suddenly sliced the air, the eagle’s orchestrated performance is silenced.
A note of nothing hangs on and echoes through the break in day.

One brave
stands alone.

While others tuck tail and ear, he stands tall.
He is exposed amid rock and dirt,
His arms are raised, and he is casting a long and defiant shadow.

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