An Outwardly Shame

Because of him, I am always
Counting the breaths I take and the
Dares I don’t.
Everything I do becomes
Falsified into boring and
Grossly uninteresting.
He caters to the impassable
Insecurities in my head.
Just because he hums, doesn’t mean
Kindness comes in the form of song.
Languid verse spills from his
Mouth into my ears.
Nothing stops the butterflies from flying.
Obscenity turns into the daily bread I eat.
Possessing my thoughts and coaxing my
Quests makes him a mighty and
Ruthless director.
Stay still, my heart, for he is nothing.
Tulips eventually wither.
Under the pretense of reciprocation, I
Vehemently exude affection.
What becomes of my thoughts and feelings?
Xylographs are too old fashioned.
Yes, I must keep my love poorly hidden and unwritten.
Zealous is he who has the heart of a girl.

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