An Ugly World

You're sad; that's unfortunate,
grief is a cat being waxed.
Average is red awkward acne,
hidden underneath pounds of concealer.
Revenge is a pot of water
boiling on low heat.
Change is having my father sleep on the bed,
while my mother sleeps on the couch.
Hope is the hour long car ride
to the doctor's office.
Anger is Dante's inferno with your parents,
in their basement, for eternity.
Life is a very long novel,
written by an insane toddler.
Childhood is a dead life
traded in for gawky limbs and greasy faces.
Happiness is walking into the supermarket,
and seeing half-priced candy at the front,
after Halloween.
Love is Dr. Pepper bubblegum
wrapped in a one dollar bill.
Sorrow is going to the bathroom,
and seeing an empty roll.
This world is ugly,
so why not define it as so.

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