An unconquerable soul

Awaken the wyvern that dwells inside you,
There is no opportunity from your hands which flew

Though the asteroids fall down on the earth,
The force does encircle, a colossal girth

Amidst the bludgeons of restraints
You arise to become a man so daint

Don't get despondent if you're facing the night
Rise,combat and persevere until you see the light

You can't aim for the rose,if you can't bear a thorn
Rise through the ashes,don't abort the mission and mourn

Don't fear of being broken,you ain't fragile within
Seek,strive,toil; cracks are where the light gets in

You rather be a supernova, evanescent and enchanted with stardust
It explodes entire nebula, which carries elephantine wind gusts

On the mountain of predicaments,uphill you tread
Bruised, tormented,worn out;but do not bow your head

Set your sigh high, for your limit is the sky
A man with a magnificent goal, for you are an unconquerable soul

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