An Unfamiliar Who Seems Familiar

there remain the remainings
as a form of protest of the longing

the departures never say anything interesting
I leave only a few point-like wonders to prefigure my life
as a motto known beforehand
I raise out of colossal silences
two-three delirant memories about you--
an unfamiliar who seems familiar--
from dusks I hear the echoes of your heart calling for me...
you are somewhere between two states
and a smile which awaits me
I am somewhere between two horizons and a rain of sentiments
you metamorphose the folds of my look
through a tender indecision,
as a guillotine

there remain the passings
as a form of remembrance
of your longings.

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    This Poems Story

    Born and raised in Romania, I emigrated in USA last year in June 27, 2014. I have three poetry books published in Romania language, but unfortunately, without translation in English language and one prose book, translated in English. The poem was included in this prose book and I was inspired from the male character that I created in the book. It was all spontaneous, at the moment, "swept away by the creation." In the future, I like to translate by a professional translator my books of poetry in English language, and to write new books to be published in America.