An Unheard Voice

An unheard voice that never had ears to listen
I had a brain full of thoughts, but there was something I was missing
As I'm wishing to accomplish every thought and all my dreams
I had it all figured out, but it was only plans and schemes
An unheard voice, hidden by sadness and pain
To live is to win and to die is to gain
All I have is my paper and pencil to cover up all the lies
Poetry hits me in my pride, so I hide my words in disguise
An unheard voice that never had a chance to be heard
My voice is poetry with every soft-spoken word
I never had a chance to express what I was feeling
I was speaking to myself; it was no higher than the ceiling
An unheard voice that cried for the slightest attention
It was never noticed and had yet to be mentioned
As I hold out my hand hoping someone would take it
I write away all my problems so I'll never have to say it
An unheard voice that would fail is what I was told
My heart became heavy and my blood ran cold
I was talked about for being the so-called nerd
Every word that I have written will be the best you ever heard
An unheard voice that has written to be heard
That has finally spoken with each and every word
To tell a life story and make the best choice
Were the words that were spoken by an unheard voice

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