An Unopened Lid

I sit there and stare,
At nothingness.
Thinking, and thinking,
‘Enough of this.’
I try and I try and I try,
It doesn’t get me very far.
This repetitive cycle,
Leaving me slightly ajar.
Open doors are possibilities,
To what can be.
I want to start a new story,
Just you and just me.

Spilling out from the ink,
Are the words on the pages.
Mouth mute and arms open,
No hiding, heart races.
My sleeve with no secrets,
Can’t deny who I am.
All I want is to love you,
As much as I can.
The purest of love,
No lying, no tricks.
The purest of Innocence,
A foundation like bricks.

I write and I write and I write,
Endlessly and patiently.
After all this time,
The right words have come to me.
If I phrase it right,
Maybe you’ll see my intentions.
Nerves wrecked and heart open,
Trying to show affections.

I call your name,
With sudden excitement.
My feelings trapped,
A volcano dormant.
You turn around,
A smile on your face.
I trip on my words,
Clearly, I am grace.
I am my undoing,
Words held back.
Just replay them in my mind,
Like a soundtrack.
Casual conversation,
Not what It’s meant to be.
Because of my shyness,
You will never see.

Closed books undiscovered,
None knowing their true beauty.
Because of my lack of words,
You’ll never love me.
I should’ve gotten close,
To show you instead.
But I let you go,
All my words unsaid.
I guess It’ll be okay,
For what I never did.
Happens all the time,
An unopened lid.

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