An Unsent Letter to My Ex.

You say that you love me
but I can feel it half way across the world you don’t.

You used to ask me all the time if I was okay
only problem with that being that you stopped
you stopped soon as you started to see that I’m not.

I’m not, im not okay with you going out and cheating
while I’m at home butchering my wrists.

Or with you lying to me about where you’re at
then making me feel guilty when I question it.

I’m not okay with you turning me into a person im not.

In fact I’m not okay with anything you do to me
but I can’t tell you this without descriptive words
of my worthlessness being forced into my head.

Which has brought me to believe that you
have no idea what love truly is
because when I tell someone I love them
I love them for who they are today
not who I wish to mold them into tomorrow.

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