an unusual problem

A person who never dreams is like a person stuck in purgatory
Some think staying where you are is a good thing, my dream
The Heavenly bliss had to face an unusual problem
So what did Snow White even do?
The Evil Queen didn’t want her to do any dreaming
The Dark Forest would only keep Snow White temporarily procrastinated
No amount of Darkness could make porcelain-skinned Snow White drown
She could have been purple; it didn’t matter, for this woman had a purpose
A person who never dreams is like a person’s sorrow cemented and buried
Some think staying inside eating you alive is a good place to reside, my sorrow
The Happiness you want had to face an unusual burrow
So how did Snow White eventually make the Evil Queen reap what she would sow?
Snow White had to make her own dreams come to life sometime soon
Soon meant more time Snow White wanted to borrow
The Evil Queen wanted her gone completely, a dream killed not to be sorry
Snow White wouldn’t let the wings be cut off her Dark Forest’s little birdies
A person who never dreams is like a person’s wings cut away
Some think broken winged is how you should keep, my bird
The way to regain flight to go to brighter skies had to face a place a bit absurd
So what was Snow White’s best bet?
Snow White didn’t know how to make to her life better
Suddenly, The Evil Queen forgot the demise of Snow White thought about
Suddenly meant the Evil Queen was no longer so bitter
Then, the magical land of poisonous gardens produced no nice looking apples
Snow White wasn’t dead; she would live, never to be visited by demise
Snow White was still a dreamer, and she felt special
The fairy tale woman would die no longer a dreamer
But only because she dreamed until it all became real
Even in fairy tale stories, a woman shows us the dreamers aren’t dead
The dreamers live on…

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