Oh, Ana,
So much to say,
So little of it good.

I used to hate you,
Fortunately, I have ceased this path,
But, I certainly mistrust you.

And, I resent you,
I envy you,
I fear you,
I’ll admit it.

Simply put,
You’re a dear friend of the man a love,
You’re a subject of his aesthetic admiration,
A masterpiece he finds far more beautiful than me.

Also, you have a child,
One so easily and thoughtlessly obtained,
A child, whom in my view, you have grossly wronged,
A truly unforgivable offense.

And, I can’t shake the feeling,
That you’re waiting in the wings,
Egging on the failure of my relationship,
Ready to swoop in and coerce him away from me.

I know you’ve maligned me,
Called me negative and worthy of abandonment,
That was not entirely unjustified,
I certainly have my flaws.

And, I hope I am wrong about you,
I hope you move on,
Do your daughter justice,
Treat my relationship with respect.

For if you do not,
I cannot promise I am strong enough,
To bridle my rage and practice restraint,
And not do everything I can,
To destroy your every source of joy.

But, I promise you now,
As long as he cares about you,
While entwined with me,
I will treat you justly,
And, in spite of it all, wish you joy.

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