To fall in love is a beauty untold
Survival depends neither on daily bread nor water
But on the chase of that rush behind the eyes
As the calm excitement takes hold
I see him, insides twisted and dancing
Nerves aquiver, I feel myself totter
No sign this might lead to my ultimate demise
Just the enchantment of midnight romancing

Suddenly everything is just right
Can't eat, sleep, or breathe without you
Your warm embrace is all I need
All else in my mind is out of sight
But your sweet zealous kiss
My drug, my ecstasy, so long overdue
Narrowly miss the flash, the speed
That turned our courtship into bliss

As years go by all I see are flaws
Growing weary of your omnipresence
Thoughts wander to what ifs and maybes
Left with only memories of what was
Heart aches, unaware of the ways outside
Guilty pleasures, seeking penance
Might as well go join the crazies
For all the nights I've tried and cried

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