Alone in the darkness, we rot at the core.
Denying the fact that, we've been here before.
Both of us knowing, there's nothing to gain.
Reluctantly showing, that we are the same.
Here in our shame, we learn as we falter.
Controlled by this pain, like a horse in a halter.
We alter these truths, with each word we say.
Through false or fake proofs, we pretend we're okay.
This veil we all wear, a stain of our living.
To notice is rare, and so unforgiving.
I look in your eyes, I wither to see.
I flow to your side, like rivers to sea.
Whole quivers of arrows, pierce at my heart.
Yet to deliver these narrow, blunt views is my art.
My gift is to see, what you won't acknowledge.
So there is no more we, simply me and my knowledge.
Alone without you, I sit and I tinker.
With thoughts of what was, an analytical thinker.

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