My anxiety is like an anchor
That holds me down in the water
And while I’m drowning
I’m still trying to hide the frowning
When I lay down the thoughts fill my head
As I lay in bed more and more
Like they are pouring through the door

I can't escape even when I sleep
It’s always in my dreams
Thoughts of life and death
Thoughts of what’s coming ahead
There's nowhere to run and hide
It’s like you can’t see my disguise
Everything is gone when I come up for air
Nothing is there
Not my family
Not my friends
It’s just darkness in the end

when my anchor holds me down
I try to hide the frown
But you still see somehow
What I try to hide so well
And you don't just let me dwell
In this darkness that is my life
Because you have taken my disguise

You have made me feel like I am not alone anymore
That it wasn't just darkness in my life
And I hope that when I wake things will be better
Or so I thought

I am now suddenly caught
In between who I am
And who I should be
I should be happy like I fake
I should just be who I show
So that no one will know
How far my anchor has pulled me
Into the darkness of the ocean

Then slowly you begin to fade
You begin to become something of the past
That was gone to fast
Now I am alone, so I must show
What I have hidden for so long, but
My anchor will never be gone.

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