Anchor Baby

Who are we?
Engineer, doctor, attorney,
Scientist, computer geek, physicist,
Shop owner and chemist

Immigrated parents from afar
Escaped poverty, to America, from
Mexico, Russia, Middle East, and Asia
To live the American dream here

English they speak with accent
Read and write poorly-not fluent
But work hard and aren't on welfare,
Though often they are scared

From them we were born then,
US citizens
Who are we?
Pardon us, "Anchor Baby"

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This Poems Story

I was educated at Harvard University and was employed as a research associate professor at a university, which filed for me to obtain a US permanent residency. I later was naturalized to be a US citizen. Fluent in two plus languages, I am able to communicate with immigrants from diverse backgrounds and origins. The political campaign for US presidency has brought up the immigration issue referenced in "Anchor Baby." This poem expresses, in my own right, that the subject is what makes America great. The talents at all levels from highly intellectual ones to farm laborers add strength to America. I believe in "Veritas," which signifies "Truth."