Anchored Down

The feelings you once gave me are anchored down deep in my throat,
Choking me up every time I replay images of us entwined,
With the hopes of the world at our feet
and the everlasting possibilities of happiness,
But the happiness never got delivered to our door on time
and the mail ceased to exist,
You laid the kiss of death upon my lips
and it filled my lungs up with your venom,
Leaving me suffocating and alienated from the world,
But baby it's getting so hard to breathe
and the tidal waves keep on coming
crashing into me continuously,
Pulling e down until I'm submerged,
I see shipwrecks down here that once had life
but are now lost and forgotten,
I can't help but feel like I'm staring into a mirror,
I'm anchored down to the bottom of the sea where you left me

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