I'm drowning, can you hear me?
Shadows swirl above me, screaming in the silence.
Their hands stretch like anchors reaching for the bottom,
Constantly reaching for what they can't see, but wishing, one day.
Ghosts fill these hallows walls, empty hands, but full inside.
Filled with broken tries and faded memories, speaking to survive.
As to preserve this very instant in languid tongue
And words etched with promise.
"I promise, you are alive, and you are breathing."

I'm awake, but I still see you.
You fade when we talk, but your there when I need you
And it's not only when our eyes are closed that you're here
Our lives are still electric, and you jolt me back to life.

We need more than this, more than this emptiness.
More than this attempt at something to call sincere-
We open our hearts to anything that will pour in,
If you pour yourself into to me, I promise you won't slip through.
Our lives are close, and I still believe in saviors.
Don't let these waves drown your hopes,
Don't let these waves capture your dreams, don't let them take you.
We're all born broken people, and it's our job to mend together,
Hold on tight, keep reaching for the bottom, your hand in mine.
I don't want to be taken away, I'm not ready for this, and I know,
you're not either.

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