Ancient Greek Amphora

Glazed over, how a fresh sheet of snow masquerades all beneath it.
Preserving the bush and flowers, shielding them from the harsh cold.
Preserving their life force until the next dawn.
The same is such that this glorious prize
would be preserved for centuries to come.
It's inner vivacity maintained,
and it's momentous vigor sustained.
Once held by a champion,
It was wielded as a sign of strength and ability.
Light echos off it's glorious finish,
as the smile of it's beholder once shone bright.
The base sturdy, building upwards toward the heavens.
The top, as powerfully built as the
shoulders of the man who once owned it.
Handles branch off like the arms of a winner,
looking at all those he had conquered.
Upon the front, an envisionment of the champion?
Two men, hand to hand, spear to spear.
A competition to see who was greater.
But the winner of this trophy, who was this defeater of men?
He who held this trophy above his head, exclaiming his achievement,
Who was he?
Was he a fierce warrior, destroying those who came across him?
Or was he an agile sprinter, as fast as Hermes?
Was it he who was skillfully painted upon this artisanship?
Was it he who was rebirthed centuries after his victory, and
he who would be remembered for centuries to come?
He made his mark on the world.
How will you be remembered?

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