Ancient Space

I hear the cosmos confessing, the innumerable
ballads I hear;
Imagine stars--Individually confessing theirs,
indisputable, unique and imperfect.
The moons confessing theirs as they orbit around their
home world or planet,
The planets confessing theirs, apparently quickly
packaged dust and rock, or
gradually bombarded clumps of matter;
The galaxies confessing the celestial bodies they
hold--the constellations confessing to star gazers
The comet confesses while falling to nowhere--
the meteor confesses while
crashing somewhere;
The confessions of darkness--of light, promising
dawn, the mid-day
radiance, or a fine twilight;
The amorous confessing of the stellar energy--of
the young gleaming sun--or of
the decaying red giant--collectively confessing
their own ballad, no one else's;
The life what belongs to life--of death, the
congregation of ancients, wise, strange
Confessing, with final breaths, the enigmatic

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