And Her Heart Beat

Her only love was the beach.
Though many men came along,
her walls, they could not breech.
None could sing the right love song.
Her nights and days she spent alone.
She sat on the shore counting stars;
She felt the emptiness she had always known.
In the depths of her soul she felt her scars.
She knew true love, and she knew real pain,
So she stayed on her beach in solitude.
She could not lose, but she could not gain.
Everyone's attempts at love she would exclude.
She sat in the light of the moon,
on her shores of white sand.
All around her, seashells were strewn,
Though for some reason, her heart was unglad.
In the back of her mind, she knew:
Long ago, she had felt something strong,
Long ago, she had felt something true,
Long ago, she had felt she had belonged.
That night she felt loneliness ever so much more,
Until she saw a man she had known long ago;
And her heart beat like the waves crashing on the shore.
Once she had known his heart and loved him so-
Once again she burned like a fire,
He was again now her only desire.

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