And so you will let me

You'll let me look into your eyes,
You will read no disguise,
But my honesty...
You will feel my vibe, my lust, my cry
And everything that am I.

You will let me love
Grain by grain your pain,
'Cause this pain's not in vain;
And I already love
Your every scar, your every tear
But I will never love fear.

Though, what I love so much
It's not even your touch
Nor your organic side...
It' s your every sacrifice,
And everything you hide
Away from mundane eye.
It' s everything that I
Am able to perceive.
It's everything that you
No longer believe...

Your every wound,
Your every blame,
Your every sin,
And every shame-
All your mistakes
And everything you hate,
I will take them with me
Like a hyena collects preys-
That others would waste-
And build for you a new weaponry.

You'll let me speak
And you'll never forget my words
As cheeks never forget their teardrops
Of happiness...

You will let me erase your flaws
Making more space for your goals
'Cause I am the only who knows
Your inside.

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