and the award goes to

what would your outrage look like if it didn’t come with a like button that day at the shelter you were so excited to pose with your arms around that child that you nearly tripped over the man sleeping in the doorway
if only
little hearts saved lives you claim to hate rhetoric spewed on tv but
that’s not the same as loving people who look like me
you’re welcome here you say as I count the times you interrupt my words
eight times
as if I need your permission to be here i’m colorblind you claim maybe you don’t mind black or brown as long as it washes off at times your performance almost had me fooled until those bleached tears leaked out of your eyes at the thought of someone taking away your merit badge I know you hope that no one sees through that pink knit cap you wear as a mask I almost prefer the ones who wear their hate on their sleeves but you smile that shiny smile and turn around and don my ancestral robes at burning man while slight in frame the space you occupy monopolizes the spotlight and fills every corner of the room but you’re too blind to see that we’re suffocating i’m just trying to help you say but you can keep your good intentions and your light and love because your words are

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