And the Eagle Still Flies

On Nine-Eleven out of the morning sky came a forceful destruction
On the Twin Towers, a great feat of construction
For many a year they stood as a sign of power
We did not know of their fate nor the hour
So tall, the heavens they could touch
A marvel for all to watch
They just did not belong to that community
For in the harbor stands Lady Liberty
And when down they came
America would never be the same
For a lot more was lost than concrete and steel
Of a people with great will
Office workers, police, firefighters
They will shine a lot brighter
Out of this horrific entanglement
Some will sit in great judgment
America has been through many wars
But still waves the stripes and stars
American spirits have fallen but not broken
Just listen to the words spoken
America on its knees
This for long will not be
And to zero, zero, zero one
Who did what had to be done
America above this will rise
Our freedom is too much of prize

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