And the smile meets tear..

I was a wanderer walking alone from them,
looking at their faces speaking overwhelm.
Why are you crying I was to ask,
the story they narrated was a painful task.
I wish if I could believe you as they are hard so far,
the night was dark with this burning scar.
Like those mornings I wanted them to rise,
and suddenly you showed that it's not wise.
Why is the pain and what for,
you'll do again as I can see a war.
Flowers are for smiles,
that you left behind long miles.
Not everything we see is black and white,
sometimes it's we to create the wrong things right.
I want to stand apart this crowd,
the music of lie was so loud.
I'm not the right or just to blame,
standing alone and trying to find my own flame.
Maybe I can't carry these fears,
A smile is to be met with those painful tears.

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