And the Story Goes On

Everyone listen this is not a drill
Stop, drop and roll a match is on the field
Wildfires spread in the mind of one man
and everyone who stands under no one seeks to understand
A written out plan on the walls of his heart
to build up a kingdom that'll never fall apart
All the outsiders see the way he studies with no sleep
hoping that one day he'll give up his dream
But instead his knowledge is growing everyday
So when he finally opens his mouth he'll have the power to say
What no man has said, what no man has read
His goal is to speak the words that'll spread
In the mind of those who are blind to the truth
So he uses his knowledge to be his proof
That everyone is equal with much potential
To plant their minds in owned not rental
And even though the dreams seem hard
The road is bumpy for those who go far
He wants us to see we're not just human
But our brain is a leader and our thoughts are crewman
To create the life that seems hover high
But your knowledge is wings so spread them and fly
Don't wait anymore your time is now
Make them sit and wonder how

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