And We Are Contagious.

Go ahead fill up your pages.

Write to a poem to yourself, it doesn't have to be gorgeous.
Get things out of your head, let your mind build bridges.
Write a memoir you'll release later, be courageous.
Take the ride, go down unmarked roads, let go of your brakes.

Make a rant to all those things you hate, don't be afraid to go on rampages.
Write all those ugly parts into your best works of art until your heart breaks.
Claim wild exaggerations, then scream bold and startling subjects, be outrageous.
Tell your story like everybody else needs to share in your disease outbreaks.

Find your voice until passions are embraced and the fiery in your fire breaks.

"Many suffer from the
incurable disease of writing,
and it becomes chronic in
their sick minds." ~ Juvenal

And We Are Contagious.

So go ahead fill up your pages.

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