And We Call Them Role Models

By Da Poet   

Well, the story is the same,
we’ve all heard it before,
and the story doesn’t change,
because more votes hit the floor.

A dog is a dog,
a cat is a cat,
so be what you are,
GOD intended it like that.

So you’re tired of being who you are,
and you decide to make a change,
don’t expect most to agree,
because you desire to rearrange.

I’ve had it with these double standards,
this born a man, but decide to be a woman,
however, one’s clearly a woman, but it’s said, she looks like a man?
There’s clearly something wrong with this picture,
count me out, I’m really not a fan.

You won’t hear me cheering, or casting a vote,
because you can’t make me understand?
You want to take away the Presidential Medal,
but there’s no question about taking away the Gold,
both men committed sin,
our world going straight to hell this story is getting old.

So we destroy one and applaud the other,
what kind of message are we sending one another?
This is evil, I gotta go,
if there’s a hell down there they’ll greet each other down below.

Sell your soul to the devil if that’s what you want to do,
GOD gave you a choice so you do you.
You have to pay the cost to be the boss,
I’m a real satisfied man just call me Joss.

Note: Proverbs 22:6;
What happened here? We embrace this mess.
We’re going to hell in a hand basket.
Better get ready, it ain’t going to be a pretty sight.


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