And We Learned


Halfway into the clamor of fear and emptiness we roamed, isolated and alone, directionless and weary, often wandering aimlessly between bouts of imbalance and disharmony, trying to regain a glint of optimism for the future.

Then, through isolation, and distance, we re-learned things long forgotten, but once revered, lessons to use in times like these. Listening to the empty clamor of streets abandoned, we learned to find solace in the unassuming, hope in the mundane, and joy in the simple.

As we looked into the loss of that which we thought was indispensable, we caught our breath, and dug deep into our cache of simple ways to live that had been forgotten, and, in doing so, we regained a trace of that which was, a long time ago between time and space, important to whom we were.

Things became more important, dreams, and loved ones, the sound of birds singing, the first glance of the sun as it wandered down the mountains to the east, even our relevance, which we felt was decreased in these questionable times was renewed.

Then under a bright orange colored moon, with stars flickering like kerosene lamps in an ebony sky, we found a calmness far from the grasping tongue of something invisible and feared, and regained our humanity.

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