Your earthly self only feels the pain but you know
deep down inside I must now gain my destiny.

Some say I wasn't given a chance to live but I think the truth is
I was destined for eternal bliss.

Time to put on my wings now.
My smile shows so brightly it brings light to the morning sky.

I giggle as I stretch out my new wings.
They are as light as a feather and are more glorious
than all the flowers put together.

All my pain and sadness is forgotten.
Self-doubting human traits forever fade away.
I shimmer and shine as the Angels rejoice.

It is okay to cry because you miss me,
but don't cry because you lost me.
For I am not lost.
When you feel a chill, it is I standing by you.
When you feel warmth, it is I holding your hand.

Dry your tears and live your life.
Make it glorious and prepare for your victorious afterlife.

We will meet again.

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