Angel Denied

I once knew of a boy,
Treated like a tool, an abused toy.
Lonely inside,
Unable to hide,
The moments of loneliness, with a forsaken heart, he cried.
Buried in my breast,
A heavy heart within his chest.
Shuddering cries tore him apart,
Every tear from his eye, would damn near break my heart,
I would give anything to wipe away his tears,
I would face anything to chase away his fears.
At the end of his rope, a hangman's noose,
I confessed unto him, breaking him loose.
Confessions of love,
Love from above.
Months turned into years,
Embracing hope, knowing no fears.
He told me a story, one of an angel,
One who had fallen from Heaven to Hell.
He told me the pain,
How it showered down on him like a storm's rain.
For Heaven, he could never return,
My love, he said, had cured that burn.
Kissing away his pain until I died,
I will forever stand beside him, my angel denied.

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This Poems Story

Poetry was always a form of communication for me. Even as a small child, my head was always buried in a book. Writing was the only way for my emotions, thoughts and dreams to be heard, released and realized. Every single word I have ever written, spoken and thought has made up who I am, and like an ink-covered paper doll, I wear these words and have no regrets. Young love was the inspiration of this piece, a love that I sadly had to release and set free.