Angel Eyes

I walked forever it seemed,
Toward that fiery opal light,
After seeing my lifeless body,
Laying upon the floor,
No one will save me this time,
I refuse to be the martyr anymore,
When I stepped thru the archway ,
I saw a stunning place,
The waterfall,
The flowers,
And an endless lake,
Two trees stood alone,
Red fleshed fruit on their branch,
And an angel approached, all but his eyes hidden from my view,
He asked me why had I given up on life,
So I told him of my biggest strife,
" There is no love to be found for me,
Though I love the world,
Hate is all I meet,
When will some show the same love for me?"
The angel thought a moment,
As I stared at his rich amber eyes,
Then heput both hands upon my shoulders and spoke,
" My child, I love you as you love others,
I am sorry,
I've been so caught up in defending you,
But it is time you found someone one earth to love you true,
Look at my eyes my child..."
And I replied,
" They're stunning Sir Angel,
I've seen them before in my dreams,"
Then the angel with a mumble of thanks,
Said unto me,
" Child, remember these eyes,
For your dreams were a hint,
You may not like how I must arrange it,
But you will soon see my eyes on another,
That man will be yours,
And will love you as much as I,"
I looked upon my angel,
And memorized every striation of his eyes,
Every fleck was under my inspection,
Then on a chatline,
I met a man,
We talked for hours,
And I felt like I knew him,
I looked at the heavens in dawns early light,
And a gentle whisper came,
"Remember my eyes,"
So I took a chance,
And said "I will meet you here..." and took a walk,
A blue car pulled up,
And the window came down,
He asked if I was who he had talked to all night,
"Yes" was my simple awed reply,
As he looked at me,
And I saw my angel's eyes,
Every striation,
Every fleck,
All of it perfectly correct,
He still tells me shut up jokingly,
And it reminds me of the day,
When I met my angel,
In that blue car he still has,
And his eyes took my breath away,
Angel Eyes, I call him,
And I know he's here to stay.

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This Poems Story

I had a near death experience, and met an angel. I told him I had given up on love, and wanted nothing to do with this hateful world. He told me to remember his eyes. That when I saw them here on earth I would find my soulmate. He didn't believe me at all when I told him the story of why I call him Angel Eyes, and maybe nobody ever will. But I know its true.