Angel in the Dark

Struggling with recovery from yet another near fatal fall
Broken heart, broken trust, once again unable to stand tall
Just beginning to accept my bruises, immune to hiding my pain
Welcoming apathy as it's my only pleasure to gain
An unexpected beauty approached as I stumbled through the dark
Confusion and vulnerability leading, are you here to show me a start?
Possessing everything perfection defines, wondering if I am dreaming
Trying to guard my heart, but impossible over its screaming
The warmth, comfort and beauty you exude enters into my atmosphere
Words spoken translating into music as it reaches my ears
Gaining focus as your blue eyes look into mine
Kisses so gentle and passionate, sending chills down my spine
Heart slowly mending, blood flowing with each pulse
A sudden reminder of life, feelings I've come to miss the most
Staring at each other, pressing our bodies tight
Grazing lips, speaking in a hush, hearts providing the only light
Can we lay here and forget the world we know?
Create one with only us, and never let go

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