Angel of Darkness

I am a cause of heartache and pain.
I am the culprit who goes by many names.
I have ruined many lives with my silly little game,
I am the cause of each whimper as you say my name.
I am the sadness that you feel, the hopelessness that
you fear. I bring pain and sorrow whenever I am near.
My talents are skillful, I claims lives everyday.
I am always watching, awaiting for any sign of
dismay. The weak are like children. Their not hard
to overcome. The strong are my enemy, but the challenge
is fun. The challenge is enticing, consuming you is my
prize. I love every tear that falls from your eyes.
Hopelessness is my friend, together we destroy dreams.
We love to take your will by any necessary means.
I take away your smile, replace with a frown. I watch
and enjoy, as you spiral down. Only strength can
defeat me, while love keeps me away, but I will
always be there lingering, listening to every word you
say. Everyday will be a battle. Everyday I will try. I
will always keep fighting until the day you die. I will
be here forever, no matter what you say, waiting for
that one moment you cannot keep me at bay.

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