Angel of death

...He told me to follow him, so I did, but nervously...I asked where we were going, he said to the end of eternity...When we arrived there, my heart filled with uncertainty...What I saw in the distance was purposely burning me within...I tried not to look, knowing that if I did it would begin hurting me again...But I opened my eyes and saw a thick mist urgently ascend into the most vacant of places, I looked up and noticed I was being watched by a haven of ravens, He told me to look further into the distance, that’s when I saw death awaken in the spacious oasis...It appeared to be a mass of energy that was physically shapeless...This entity, faceless...Me spiritually, shaken...He urged me to walk forward and told me this was the place that I was destined to come...I looked at him nervously as ash and smoke congested my lungs, but I continued forward then saw my skin become infested with bumps, I tried to avoid the parasites, but I was already infected by some, I fell to my knees then he told me that my death had begun, why did I ever trust this man? I guess I was dumb...But there I was...With tears in my eyes gazing into that ocean of blackness filled with the emotion of sadness wondering how I became enclosed in this madness...He walked over and opened my casket as I felt a jolt go through me, I coughed and choked profusely, I was fighting for my life and slowly losing, I stood up then fell to the floor so loosely it was like I had lost my self control...The feeling of death was cold...He said this was merely a stepping stone and the worst was yet to come...I was ready to wrestle with this devil for what he had done...I was vomiting blood as my body was drug to the edge of eternity...Then He kneeled down and asked me how much my life was worth to me...I didn't reply...The more I looked out at death, the more pain I felt hit me inside, I couldn't believe I was beginning to die, I was waiting to be given a sign or to be visited by some kind of supreme force, but as I waited my body continued to bleed more...Wait...Look...I can see myself being born, OH, and there I am as a kid when I was chased by that bee swarm, look, that's me as a teenager with my girl at that seashore...Wait, why'd it end? I wanted to see more...Then I realized He was standing over me holding a sleek sword... Since my screams were being ignored I took a chance and reached for it but I missed and got poked and stabbed, as I choked and gagged he just joked and laughed, I was hoping that I wouldn't die this way because I would hate to die in shame, then he stopped his torment for a moment and watched me lie in pain...The mass of Death was trying to take my life away but I could still feel my soul trying to stay...Death was speaking to me but I couldn't understand everything it was trying to say, something about Peace Be Still and my spirit flying away from me...I was crying unmistakably wondering why had thou forsaken me...But thankfully...One of the ravens left his perch and came to me, the bird landed on my chest, wiped the blood from my face, then graciously sang to me, trying to give me some form of sanctity as I died there so painfully...I felt darkness breaking me...I felt death taking me...I felt life escaping me...Then...I opened my eyes as the sunlight awakened me..

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