Angel Of White Wings

I would gladly give my life for you. In this incident of memories I drop off the beauty of this. My mind breathing within a maze. I created a post that says you're beautiful , your beauty flows through this fiery blaze. Restarting fracture of bones and hearts, skipped along the white water lake. I see you, you're incredibly gorgeous to me. Forever and always be. Such an angel of you that guided me. Deep into this sleep of mystery I will forever dream. Of your beloved beauty I have seen. The greatest gift that has been seen by these eyes of green. In this of many dreams I kiss a kiss of your beautiful being. Reliving of your love within my heart. I give you one last gift. My mind of our memories where we loved and lived. Many dreams of dreams of my lovely gift, only you I ever want to love and be with holding you in my arms. I give you a love that is a love burning within. Your spirit I have seen, your beauty flows through this world. Making my foolish soul travel beneath your wings, forever be the beauty I have seen. You stay here in this shadow of sunsets, I will forever be the sunrise. Passing you my lovely. Grazing your life and love with my touch of light. Our many dreams of dreams we have lived and been. Thus my heart beats only for one. You will forever and always be. That love I've need. The greatest gift I've seen. My angel of white wings.

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