Angel Waters

From the bottom of the ocean, she swam her way up to the top,
if her thoughts told her otherwise, she would vow to never stop.
Suddenly from depths of nowhere, she was born and she appeared
in a splash of liquid diamonds; there was nothing to be feared.
And so the angel came to be. When the seas had heard her sing
she felt refreshed and brand new, as the waves became her wings.
In the drenching waters of destiny, she was soaked and purified;
this vision of love, from Heaven above, is one life can't deny.
Before the metamorphosis, images were placed inside her mind-
a painting that was crystal clear, she knew she'd always find.
A dream that God created, to make the world peacefully sincere,
for the answer to our questions is inside each single mirror
That reflects inside our souls, the healing pool in our heart.
So if we gently float beside this wisdom, we can finally start
to become the change on earth that we've yearned to always be-
so soothing to our reality that we could taste it in a breeze.
We could drink it from the morning dew, inhale from its light,
Develop hope in every sense of touch, sound, scents and sights.
And so an empty spirit was filled into the angel we now see
of creative music, balanced strength, and passionate poetry.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about starting at rock bottom in life, but becoming a brand new person-renewed and purified, despite life's circumstnaces. It's about a different kind of angel finding her wings. I enjoy writing poetry to inspire others.