Angelic Devils

Bad Things, we all do them
Knowingly, unknowingly
We are all really BAD people
Lied today, eat too much tomorrow
Said choice words the day before
We are all sinners, dark inside and out
Guilty Pleasure indulged
Horrible thoughts in which we revel

And so the question is...
What about the so called "good people"?
Those who love and give; Those who help and lead
The charity endorsers
Our beloved Priests and Pastors
Imams and Rabbis

Well the truth is...
That is what makes human
The fact that as sinners we have a choice of redemption
No longer must we bathe in Adam and Eve's disobedience
We can choose our own choices
The truth is that we are all bad
Maybe some are good, desiring the greater good
In the end the human race are really just a bunch of...
Angelic-Devils who unbeknowestly whisper...
In their selfish shadows

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