Angels Don’t Sin


A symbol of elegance roams the sky
As heavens gate open before my eyes
I walked the sacred grounds to a vision so true
And walked a path that brought me to you
How do you do it
How is this real
You've reached beyond my walls
To create a moment that's unreal
You've become my escape
And the light to my darkest days
If I find security in you
Then make me content in every way
You make up heaven's scent
The smell of fresh bloomed roses
The aroma melts my heart
And the surface of my love is unfolding
You are heaven's eyes itself
It's so easy to get lost
When they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
You are the beauty I'm thinking of
The more I think of you
The more I see you
The more I watch you
The harder I fall
I'm scared to do so
But I'm willing to it all
Angels don't steal hearts
So how did you end up with mine
You've capture every beat of my heart
A create a hymm composed of rhymes
Angels don't sin
But you took my breath away
And every moment is breathtaking
Yet, I still have so much to say
The sight of you is so seductive
And I can't get out off my mind
You're temping me with thoughts
I have to make you mine
Angels don't sin
But I feel the intimacy
The way your eyes latch onto mines
Shows we're on the path to ecstacy
Your kiss is arousing
And now I want more
This is only a hint of what we can do
So what are we waiting for
Angel among humans
What took you so long to find me
This must be what it's like to have love staring back at me
Angels don't lie
So I believe you when you say you love me
Let our souls dance into forever
My heaven is you and me
Angels don't abandon
Promise me you'll stay
If can never have you
Then I can't find my way
Know that I want what makes you perfectly imperfect
Bond with me so that our hearts connect
Let me be your soldier
And I'll fight for your heart
If this is worth fighting for
Then I will take point at the very start
If I have to go through hurt and pain
To show my heart's desire
Then let the scars and wounds be the candles that holds my fire
I would do all I can
Except watch you love another
Because then my heart would stop
And my wounds will never recover
Angels don't sin
But you stole my heart
I'm walking the path to forever
And I need you here to start
Make love to my mind and tell me your thoughts
Serenade me with your feelings
And make me feel like I'm the one you want
You have me bound
And I don't want to part
I didn't think you'd be the angel who stole my heart
This is a long journey
So let's start with forever
As long as I'm here with you
Nothing could be better

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